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“Highlight the remarkable”, the original graphic campaign of Stabilo

Campaña Gráfica de Stabilo: Highlight the remarkable

Stabilo’s graphic campaign titled “Highlight the remarkable” is a brilliant exercise in creativity.

Lately, and we have said it more than once, advertising is becoming a kind of fast food. Increasingly, advertising campaigns are designed to integrate an entire Social Media strategy that gives them visibility and presence on the Internet. More and more advertising campaigns are based on contests, challenges or encouraging consumers to viralize content on networks.All this leads to the creation of ephemeral and constant campaigns.

It is a trend that makes us enjoy even more of the small graphic jewels like this one: “Highlight the remarkable” the graphic campaign of Stabilo.

“Highlight the remarkable” talks about those women who are relevant in their day but who have been left behind by history, underestimating their contributions and discoveries. Katherine Johnson (mathematics of NASA responsible for the calculations that allowed Apollo 11 to return to Earth), Lise Meitner (physicist and discoverer of nuclear fission) y Edit Wilson (First Lady who assumed the presidential responsibilities of her husband after suffering paralysis).

The graphic campaign of Stabilo has been received very positively, in addition to winning a Golden Lion and a Silver one at the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival.

Campaña Gráfica de Stabilo: Highlight the remarkable Campaña Gráfica de Stabilo: Highlight the remarkable Campaña Gráfica de Stabilo: Highlight the remarkable


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