What is Growth Hacking?

What is Growth Hacking

We explain what Growth Hacking is. The guide for understand all of the new marketing’s future profession.

Growth Hacking is the fresh news world in marketing. A new kind of professional is born. Companies demand it services and the people don’t know what are Growth Hacking. What is? Why is it trending? We analyze the new way for understand the marketing and its professionals: The growth hackers.

¿What a growth hacker do and what is the company’s expect about them?

Qué es el Growth Hacking

The growth hacker profile is very much in line with current trends, where professionals are asked to have varied abilities to unite in a single profile several fields of dominion.

The rise of the big data increase the demand for multidisciplinary profiles by advertising and marketing agencies. The modern marketing professional must have a global and complete view of what is happening about the client. Professionals have to be able to master several elements at the same time. One could say that the growth hacker is, at the same time, a data expert, a programmer and a marketer.

These professionals are able to see what happens in a scenario by having a global vision to be able to strategize and thus respond to the needs of the company.

Getting better paid

Qué es el Growth Hacking

It’s future is encouraging because exists a big demand of digital profiles and the growth hackers are the most searched. A report prepared by Spring Professional says that these professionals will become one of the most desired in the coming times with a big salary.

The growth hacker everyday work

Qué es el Growth Hacking

The role of growth hacker is not limited to the latest generation technology companies, but can be applied to all sectors and all areas, provided that the firm is able to see its potential. This professional will be able to solve the problems that companies are facing now and that are endangering their strategy.

For example, their actions can solve the problems that result in consumers having increasingly shorter windows of attention or are able to find new market opportunities. Many of the great recent success stories, such as Dropbox or Gmail, have had a job of this caliber.

Her work, as pointed out by an expert, is articulated based on three basic lines of work and three vehicle concepts. They must first to attract the user by all mean and also be able to get that user to follow the path that the firm has established; Finally, it will be capable of making all the processes to achieve that simple.



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