“Guinness Clear”: A Guinness marketing campaign… selling water

“Guinness Clear” is the marketing campaign that Guinness has done … selling water.

Brands are learning to speak the social networks language. And is that in a place where sarcasm, irony and trolls roam freely or adapt … or die. There have been many cases of serious and committed advertising campaigns to which the users of social networks have turned to the minimum error or incongruity to be memes.

That is why brands are beginning to trolling their followers. Recently we talked about the case of Snickers and the #SnickersGate and how it turned into positive publicity a joke joke. Now it is the case of Guinness, who goes for his last campaign has proposed to sell … water.

“Guinnes Clear” is the latest success story of the Irish brewer, which encourages consumers to try their new and innovative product. A new type of beer without the characteristic black color, pure and crystalline color, very similar to water. That is why for the celebration of the Six Nations of Rugby, Guinness launched a campaign for responsible alcohol consumption.

“Guinnes Clear” is the new watermark of Guinness. A campaign that satirizes the clichés of beer advertising to sell us tap water. The autoparody reaches a point that even sports celebrities appear savoring the new product. According to Mark Sandy, Global Brand Director: “We believe that the cheerful approach offered through Guinness Six Nations will drive the conversation about the brand and put the responsible drink in the foreground. We want to make sure that asking for water, regardless of context, is an active and positive option for the millions of followers of the Six Nations. ”

The #GuinnesClear campaign generated positive conversation on social networks, with interactions adding to the trolling and the brand’s self-support. A way to explore that, for the moment, is reporting brand benefits to companies.

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