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Heineken’s new advertising campaign is aimed at gamers

The agency Le Pub is responsible for the campaign, which is directed by Frederic Planchon

Anuncio de Heineken | "Just Another Night Out"

“Just Another Night Out” is the title of Heineken’s campaign aimed at gamers and new ways to “go out” at night.

The streaming revolution in advertising is causing a paradigm shift. There are many young people who decide to stay at home for the weekend and meet up to play their favorite game online. Through chat, they can engage in conversations and perform actions without having to see each other or be in any nightclub.

This paradigm shift is forcing brands to change their communication strategies in order to reach the younger sector and prevent them from stopping consuming your product. A clear example is this Heineken advertising campaign that prioritizes being part of their leisure time when they are playing.

Heineken wants to break the stereotypes of the “gamer”

“Just Another Night Out” is the title of the Heineken advertising campaign carried out by the agency Le Pub Brasil and its Le Garage division, dedicated to gaming and innovation. It has been directed by award-winning French filmmaker Frederic Planchon and shot in Brazil.

The piece merges the gaming culture and the social spirit of the brand. It tells us the story of Alex, a cellist who meets her friends on a Saturday night. What seems to be a path to a night of fun and madness in late-night bars ends with a very unexpected twist.

The Heineken campaign wants to end stereotypes related to the world of gaming, seen as a lonely and antisocial activity. According to Eduardo Picarelli, Director of the Heineken Business Unit in Brazil: “We want to break this stereotype of the “gamer”. Socialization is the core of our brand and of the player. Heineken continues the tradition of always offering a fresh perspective on issues that he addresses and in this campaign is to demystify the image of the gamer isolated from his friends and celebrate the act of playing as a social activity”.

Brazil, epicenter of gaming

And it is that Brazil is one of the largest video game markets in the world. 88% of the population plays some type of video game and consumes content related to them. Being 40% that have downloaded a free-to-play game, 35% that play with friends and 20% consume direct on Twitch of their favorite game.

Director Frederic Planchon commented: “When Le Pub pitched us the initial idea, I found it very interesting to see Heineken engage and embrace new audiences. It was great working with the team to develop the script and finding the right balance between humor and narrative. We were lucky to find a great actress who really delivered a nuanced performance with the right tone.”

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