Heinz’s funny billboard in front of restaurants that do not serve Ketchup

The Rethink agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Heinz’s billboard in Chicago consists of placing ketchup dispensers in front of those restaurants where they do not offer it.

Heinz is a quite radical brand when it comes to advertising campaigns. The American brand is due to the devotion of consumers and tries to remedy if they have ever not been able to enjoy ketchup with their meals.

Like the outdoor advertising action they have carried out in Chicago. They have placed an opis in front of those restaurants where they do not serve ketchup. This opis serves as a ketchup sachet dispenser for those customers who require one and are not given it.

Heinz Billboard’s Ketchup dispenser

“Smack for Heinz” is the title of the Heinz billboard carried out by the Rethink agency in Chicago. It is a solution to the complaint of many users about the lack of ketchup in some restaurants in the city. And Chicago is known for making Hot Dogs in multiple ways, and some establishments see it as sacrilege to put ketchup in their recipe.

To solve this, the brand has placed some opis in front of restaurants like The Wieners Circle and McDonald’s at Chicago’s Navy Pier. These opis have a rotated Heinz bottle in the center, so that to access the envelopes you must hit the bottom of the Heinz bottle.

In the same opis there are QR codes that redirect passers-by to the smackforheinz.com website so that users can point out those restaurants where ketchup is not served.

According to Geoff Baillie, creative director at Rethink: “Slapping the ketchup bottle is a universal symbol of people’s love for Heinz. Knowing that there are so many restaurants around the world that refuse to serve Heinz, we have made the famous Heinz bottle slam in a way to help people release their frustration and simultaneously receive the ketchup they really want.”

For her part, Lizzy Goodman, brand communications manager of Heinz: “Heinz fans are often frustrated when a restaurant does not serve this sauce. This campaign not only combats this catastrophe but also shows restaurants how far they are willing to go. our fans for seasoning the dishes with their favorite tomato sauce.”

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