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Heinz’s commercial celebrates 150 years of clean dishes

Heinz’s commercial celebrates 150 years and is proud to leave the dishes clean.

The popular food brand Heinz celebrates 150 years. It seems like yesterday when H.J. Heinz started his food business in 1869. Its flagship product, ketchup, was launched seven years later with a recipe that still amazes everyone.

His landing in the United States made the brand and the bottle an American icon. In the hands of the agency DDB turned the product into the sales leader in its sector. Artists like Andy Warhol were commissioned to put Heinz in the history books of advertising with their colorful designs.

Now he turns 150 and celebrates with this announcement created by BBH. In the Heinz’s commercial we see, in 30 seconds, a century and a half of different plates of food always accompanied by the well-known tomato sauce.

Although it is not going through its best economic moment, the company wants to celebrate its anniversary in a big way. And it does so by allocating more than 15 million dollars to the advertising campaign.

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