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Hellmann’s commercial for Super Bowl presents “Mayo Cat”

The VML agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Hellman's para la Super Bowl

Hellmann’s commercial for Super Bowl features a talking cat named “Mayo Cat”

It is common at the Super Bowl for brands to use animals to present their products. And it’s not surprising, since reports say that consumers retain an ad more if it features an adorable animal. The Budweiser beer brand, for example, never fails to meet with campaigns where horses and dogs appear.

This time it is the famous mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s who brings us an adorable talking kitten who rises to fame thanks to his peculiar meow. A campaign starring Kate McKinnon and comedian Pete Davidson.

“Mayo Cat” is the title of Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial created by the VML agency. She puts us in the shoes of Kate McKinnon’s cat who, not knowing what to do with the leftovers in the fridge, asks her cat. This one lets out a meow very similar to the sound of “mayo”, which means mayonnaise in English.

The owner notices and believes that the cat can talk. Little by little the cat becomes famous until he becomes a worldwide celebrity. Talk Shows, presentations, photo shoots, influencer on the networks or even in a relationship with the comedian Pete Davidson.

According to Chris Symmes, senior marketing at Unilever in the USA: “Hellmann’s continues to look for authentic, realistic and fun ways to stop people from happily throwing food into the trash can. The ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ campaign with Kate McKinnon, “Pete Davidson and ‘Mayo Cat’ is about showing viewers that with very little on their part they can turn leftovers into something incredibly delicious and help tackle food waste.”

Watch | Review del anuncio de Hellman’s en video


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