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H&M presents a new collection of bikinis for all sizes

Anuncio de H&M con Paloma Elsesser

H&M’s commercial with Paloma Elsesser presents the new line of bikinis for all sizes.

Summer is just around the corner and brands are starting to launch their summer campaigns. One of the first has been the Swedish multinational H&M, which launches its collection of bikinis for all sizes. A collection of minimalist designs and lines with 90s inspiration.

Sustainability is the main focus of the H&M campaign. Starring the plus-size model Paloma Elsesser, H&M seeks to capture the unapologetic feminine strength following the Dove line, presenting a collection suitable for all body types and shapes.

“Paloma Elsesser’s summer in H&M swimwear” is the title of H&M’s commercial with Paloma Elsesser for the summer 2021 campaign. Shot in Los Angeles, it has other familiar faces of protagonists such as Nouri Hassan, Bintouh Silla, Yumi Nu, Shawn Lakin or Tani Gunn. But without a doubt Paloma Elsesser is the one who steals the limelight, posing with the designs that have been made to favor all silhouettes, ranging from size 32 to 50.

H&M’s commercial with Paloma Elsesser shows us how the model jumps unapologetically into the sea. Once submerged, the leading actresses succeed with the gentle movement of the clothes under the water. To the rhythm of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” performed by Foushée, the ad ends with a clear message: “Find strength in silence and come back stronger”.

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