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The Hummer commercial starring Lebron James and some crabs

Anuncio Hummer con Lebron James

Hummer’s NBA All Star ad features Lebron James and some crabs.

The great advertising events in the USA do not stop. The country that marks the pulse of the advertising industry and that begins the year with the Super Bowl Commercials and the NBA All Star. An event with a large audience but with more affordable prices than the Super Bowl and that brands do not hesitate to use the stars of the moment.

This is the case of the Hummer ad starring Lebron James. General Motors’ latest electric SUV debuts with a peculiar feature: diagonal displacement.

“King of Crabwalk” is the title of the Hummer commercial with Lebron James in the lead. It has been made by the Leo Burnett Detroit agency, produced by The Reserve Label and directed by Jacob Rosenberg. The commercial aired during the NBA All Star weekend in Cleveland.

The characteristic of the General Motors Hummer EV is that it can move diagonally, like crabs. Hence the parallelism with crustaceans and their peculiar way of moving. In the Hummer commercial we see how these crustaceans leave their natural habitat to cross the city and arrive at Lebron James’ house to admire the new technology.

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