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Hyundai’s commercial about the evolution of women’s football

The agency Jung von Matt Sports has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Hyundai para el fútbol femenino | Goal of the Century

Hyundai commercial reviews the evolution of women’s football with a spectacular advertising piece

The women’s soccer revolution in the world of marketing has arrived. The brands have put all the meat on the grill to win the favor of the new generations who worship their new idols. Brands like Nike with its fun ad for the World Cup, Adidas with its mix of male and female stars; u Orange with its spectacular virtual recreation have set the pace for this Women’s Soccer World Cup.

But without a doubt the best advertisement for women’s football is the one that is yet to come. Like the campaign carried out by Hyundai, one of the FIFA partners, which brings us one of the ads of the year.

Hyundai campaign for the Women’s World Cup – Goal of the Century

“Goal of the Century” is the title of Hyundai commercial for the Women’s World Cup. It has been developed by the agency Jung von Matt Sports and portrays the unknown history of women’s football, from its beginnings to the present day.

Lights and shadows of women’s football since they began to practice it in London in 1895 until 1971 when they faced the teams of France and the Netherlands. And it is that for 50 years women’s football was banned in the United Kingdom.

Hyundai commercial is a journey back in time through all those key moments that have brought women’s football to what it is today. From the first matches held in the English countryside to the ban by the authorities in the middle of the 19th century. Little by little, the king of sports has been finding its place in society and reaching more generations until reaching the Women’s Soccer World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Robert Zitzmann, managing director and partner of the agency Jung von Matt Sports: “We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of football, whose fans are socially committed to it. As a partner for many years of the FIFA Women’s World Cup , Hyundai wanted to bring the history of women’s football to the screen and simultaneously get involved in projects with a focus on inclusion and equality.”

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