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IGA’s emotional commercial for the Winter Olympics: “The Athlete”

Anuncio de IGA | The Athlete

The IGA commercial is an emotional story about the Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics are here and, although we don’t pay much attention to them here, in the Nordic countries it is an event as or more important than the Summer Olympics. And how could it be otherwise, brands take advantage of the pull to launch their advertising campaigns for the Olympic Games.

This is the case of the IGA supermarket chain, sponsor of the Canadian team, which surprises us with an emotional animated story about the Winter Olympics.

The Athlete – IGA Commercial for Winter Olympics

The IGA commercial is titled “The Athlete” and was created by the Sid Lee agency. It is the beginning of a campaign that will last throughout the Olympic Games in which the supermarket chain will carry out different actions.

The story begins with a mother preparing some tupperware for -apparently- her son, who has everything ready to fly to Beijing to participate in the Winter Olympics with the Canadian national team. To the usual scenes of farewells at the airport we see how the son is still at home.

He is ready to have dinner thanks to the tupperware that his mother has prepared, and to cheer on a game of the hockey team. This is when the IGA ad surprises us with a close-up of her mother acting as a goalkeeper, participating in her last Olympics.

According to Carl Pichette, vice president of marketing for Quebec at Sobeys: “We wanted to go beyond the topic of self-improvement to show how sharing a family passion, both for sports and food, can define an athlete’s path in the search of their Olympic dreams.”

Julie Desrochers, Creative Director at Sid Lee says: “The challenge we set for ourselves a year ago was ambitious: to create a traditional IGA Christmas story that would set the stage for the sponsorship of Team Canada, while keeping the surprise effect under wraps.”

The launch of the campaign will also serve as the kickoff for the “Recipes for Champions” web series in which athletes will attempt to invent a version of their favorite childhood recipe.

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