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Ikea’s Christmas advert encourages us to escape the holidays

The Rethink agency has been in charge of the Christmas campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Ikea | Take a Holidays from the holidays

Ikea’s Christmas advert is titled “Take a holiday from the holidays” and encourages us to escape the Christmas whirlwind.

The Christmas holidays are times where happiness meets stress. The chaos of buying gifts, organizing meals, and meeting up with family you barely know can push us to a breaking point that needs to be managed.

It is precisely that little break between all the Christmas merriment that is the leitmotif of Ikea’s Christmas commercial in Canada. The Swedish multinational encourages us to take a vacation from vacation.

Anuncio de Navidad de Ikea 2023

“Take a holidays from the holidays” is the title of the Ikea Christmas advert created by the agency Rethink and produced by United Assembly Inc. A campaign carried out in Canada and starring people who they take small moments to escape the chaos that is the Christmas holidays.

The piece shows us a balance between the typical Christmas scenes and being able to disconnect from all of them. Of course, that rest will occur on one of the brand’s furniture such as a bed, a stool or a bath mat. A campaign very similar to the one aimed at first-time families: “Proudly the Second Best” where the product plays a secondary but essential role in creativity.

According to Aaron Starkman, chief creative officer at Rethink: “At Christmas we all push ourselves to live up to expectations. We thought it would be great to do a campaign that celebrates the most wonderful part of Christmas, but highlights the least attractive part of the holidays, in which we all need to take a break at some point. The idea also fits perfectly with the very nature of IKEA, since in its stores you can find items to celebrate a party, but also to escape from it.”

For her part, Jonelle Ricketts, head of marketing at IKEA in Canada: “Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, and as much as we love celebrating this holiday with our friends and family, at some point we all need to take a break. “This year’s Christmas campaign shows how IKEA helps create spaces within every home to take a little respite from the Christmas frenzy.”

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