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Ikea’s Halloween commercial: “Monsters not included”

Ogilvy UK has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Ikea para Halloween | Monsters Not Included

Ikea’s Halloween commercial wants to eliminate those childhood terrors that have always stalked us.

If there is something that undoubtedly marks thousands of children, it is fear. When we are so impressionable and vulnerable we are more likely to have nightmares. Little by little, as you grow and become aware of the world around you, they mutate with us.

But since human beings are a bit masochistic, on Halloween they open themselves up to all those fears that once terrified them as a child. Luckily, Ikea’s latest advertising campaign highlights those products designed to eliminate the monsters we have at home.

“Monster not included” is the title of the Ikea Halloween commercial made by the agency Ogilvy UK and Ogilvy Berlin and produced by Flying Eye Studio. The Swedish brand aims to offer a new perspective on the childhood fear that has haunted all generations.

Thus, it presents a series of products to prevent monsters from hiding in the typical places in our room. Under the bed, inside the closet or behind the curtain. The Släkt bed frame, the Smastad wardrobe or the classic Majgull curtains are the products that will take away those fears from children.

The Ikea advertisement for Halloween has been published in the United Kingdom and Germany and will feature spots in cinemas, advertisements in print media and outdoor advertising.

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