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The Ikea commercial presents its robot that fights pollution

Anuncio de Ikea - Change a bit for good

The latest Ikea commercial in the UK introduces us to a robot that fights against pollution.

In the last year, sustainability has become the new workhorse for brands. Millions of euros are spent on communicating an ecological and sustainable image following what public opinion thinks. And we are happy that a “save the planet” climate is being created but it is of little use if brands do not change their production chains from top to bottom.

One of the most active brands when it comes to communicating this corporate line is Ikea. There are already various campaigns aimed at sustainability: “Mama Bear” or “Activists without knowing it” have been some of the campaigns launched by the Swedish multinational. Now it takes us several years into the future to tell us the story of a robot fighting pollution.

“Change a bit for good” is the title of the latest Ikea commercial, created by the Mother agency. In it we see the protagonist, a robot willing to save the planet with his own hands. He tries to contribute his grain of sand in a polluted stream, a factory or a beach full of oil from a ship. Seen the impossible of the situation, the robot returns home dejected. There he finds a zest of hope as he sees his family lead a sustainable life, all thanks to Ikea products.

The goal is to break with the idea that leading a sustainable life is expensive and complicated. According to Kemi Anthony, marketing communications manager at Ikea: “We have set an ambitious goal to become fully circular and climate positive by 2030. But it is not just about how we do business, it is also about wanting to inspire and help customers take measures too. “

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