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Ikea’s Christmas ad: “We are meant to change”

Ikea kicks off the Christmas ads with a funny story titled: “We are meant to change”.

It is inevitable, every year Christmas progresses more. The marketing department stores integrate Black Friday as the starting period for Christmas shopping and all this anticipates marketing campaigns.

But in the telling, advertising agency we are to tell you about creative ads and this is one of them. Ikea’s christmas ad is titled “We are meant to change” and tells us a little story that happens in Ikea elevators.

Two strangers are locked in one of the elevators and, considering they are going to take them out of there, they decide to hang out with the purchases they have made in the center. Although one of them is more reticent to the other, the gestures evolve until they assemble all the furniture turning the elevator into a warm living room of any house, with chimney and everything.

Ikea’s Christmas ad is created by DDB Italia with a clear message: Even if everything does not go as we expect, we can get a positive side to everything.

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