Gatorade’s motivational campaign “Inner Strong”

The brand seeks to empower the next generation of great athletes

Anuncio de Gatorade | Inner Strong

Gatorade’s campaign is titled “Inner Strong” and features athletes Serena Williams, Hansel Emmanuel and Sunisa Lee.

The popular isotonic drink brand Gatorade launched the “Fuel Tomorrow” campaign at the beginning of the year with which it sought to help communities to offer children a safe and welcoming environment to practice their favorite sport.

Now they launch the second iteration of the campaign with a proposal that aims to break down barriers to empower future generations of athletes. And for this he has made three ads with different protagonists.

“Inner Strong” is the title of the Gatorade advert made by the Swift Portland agency and directed by Drew Tyndell and Lucy Dyson. They explain the story of a global megastar like Serena Williams and the stories of emerging athletes Hansel Emmanuel and Sunisa Lee.

Each piece mixes animation with real image and has a different style according to each athlete, highlighting their “Inner Strength”. For Serena Williams it is “Believe”, for Sunisa Lee “Work Ethic” and for Hansel Enmanuel “Focus”. Each piece has key motivational tips like Sunisa’s message: “Trust yourself, be patient and use those tools to remove all doubts.” And they emphasize that all these reasons are inside each one of us.

The animation for Gatorade’s “Inner Strong” campaign was done by German artist Lucy Dyson, creative duo Unlimited Time Only, and Portland animation studio Computer Team.

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