Intermarché’s funny advertising campaign: “What about me?”

Publicidad de Intermarché | Et Moi?

The Intermarché advertising campaign offers a 10% discount to large families with this fun advertisement.

Intermarché ads are always surprising, fun and refreshing. With a characteristic style, they are able to introduce us to the daily life of many families as in “Les questions”, represent adolescent love with “L’ Amour” or honor all the hospital staff with “Until my Last Breath”.

Now they return with another fun advertising campaign aimed at offering a 10% discount on more than 1,700 products of daily use for large families. And they do it with an ad titled “Et moi?” (“What About Me”).

The Intermarché advertising campaign has been carried out by the Romance agency and directed by Rudi Rosenberg. Follow the daily life of many families with a simple phrase: “Et moi?” (“What about me?”). In it we see those children who are always asking What about me? when they see something they do to other people.

Mothers and fathers hear these little words dozens of times a day, trying to please everyone so that no one feels left out. That is why Intermarché offers a 10% discount on products for daily use to “reward” those families who give everything for their children.

Intermarché’s advertising campaign contains a melody created by French composer Michael Magne and will be released in 60-, 45- and 30-second versions.

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