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Intermarché’s funny advert for children’s questions

Anuncio de Intermarche | Les Questions

The Intermarché ad cannot answer all the questions children ask, but one can.

The French supermarket chain has been running large advertising campaigns for some time. “The Taste of Colors” or “L’Amour” are some examples of the fun Intermarché ads. Now they return to the load to position their brand with an advertising campaign in which they will try to answer at least one of all the questions that children ask themselves.

The Intermarché ad is titled “Les Questions” and it introduces us to the age range in which children ask everything. Each discovery that the little protagonist makes turns into thousands of questions to the parents. Although there are times when they do not know what to say, the child always wants an answer.

The advert has been made by the Romance agency and in it we see how the little Lion dazzles his parents with questions. To all of them absurd answers are invented except one: “What’s for dinner today?” The only answer you can give thanks to the Intermarché offers.

A question that is undoubtedly repeated in every home in the world. The supermarket brand thus offers more than 650 products with less salt, sugar, additives and … fewer questions.

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