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John Lewis’ emotional Christmas commercial: “The Beginner”

The Christmas commercial has been created by the agency Adam&Eve DDB and made by Biscuit

Anuncio de Navidad de John Lewis | The Beginner

John Lewis’s Christmas commercial changes the tone to offer us a touching story of solidarity at Christmas.

Without a doubt, the John Lewis Christmas commercials are the quintessential Christmas campaign commercials. And it is that every year the beginning of Christmas is associated with the premiere of the John Lewis commercial, which is considered an important date in the calendar.

And the creative change that he has made this year we did not see it coming. The campaign leaves aside the Christmas fables that we already saw in “Unexpected Guest” and the animated stories in the style of “Give a Little Love” to focus on an intimate story that portrays a palpable reality in the United Kingdom.

John Lewis Christmas Commercial

“The Beginner” is the title of John Lewis’ Christmas commercial. It has been created by Adam&Eve DDB, the leading agency of the department stores and produced by Biscuit.

The story tells us about a middle-aged man’s apprenticeship to ride a skateboard. The clumsiness of his task causes him blows and bruises but he does not give up on his efforts. We see that he is preparing for a special occasion but we do not visualize what he is. It is not until the end of the campaign that we discover the cake and the real message of the campaign: There are 108,000 children in the care of social workers for family problems in the UK.

An unexpected and accurate ending for a brand that has carried out emotional and jovial advertising campaigns every year to celebrate the holidays. The harshness of the final revelation wants to remove the awareness of consumers and inform that the brand will collaborate with the NGO Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland to help those children.

According to Claire Pointon, Chief Consumer Officer for John Lewis: “This year we are telling a very different story than any that have come before and it is very deliberate. Families are a very important audience for us and by showing a different family dynamic, we tell a different story.”

The song in the John Lewis commercial is a cover of Blink-182’s “All the Small Things” and sung by “Big” Mike Geier.

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