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Adobe launches new Keith Haring-inspired brushes for Photoshop

Pinceles Inspirados en Keith Haring

Adobe’s new Keith Haring-inspired brushes are a tribute to the popular artist.

Keith Haring was undoubtedly one of the most influential street artists during the 80s. He broke the barrier between disciplines, combining art, music and fashion. His simple strokes sought to create accessible and simple images, generic enough so that they could be accepted by anyone without critical intervention.

Keith left us due to complications related to AIDS, but his legacy leaves us with iconic images recognizable around the world. Now, Adobe pays tribute to him by launching a collection of brushes for Photoshop and Fresco.

Keith Haring-inspired brushes are made in collaboration with the artist’s foundation. The aim is to equip the next generation of creatives with new creative tools to generate works that can inspire others.

According to Simon Morris, Adobe Marketing Director: “We want to lift the barriers and push the limits of creativity, using art as an inspiration and driver of positive change, just as Keith Haring did. This search is more relevant than ever in these times; our hope is that by inspiring people with the tools of the great masters and celebrating the idea of ‘Creativity for All’, we can give anyone a story to tell that allows them to express how they see the world in different ways. challenging and unexpected.”

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