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KFC’s Christmas advert ignores customer requests

The Mother agency is in charge of the Christmas campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de KFC 2023

KFC’s Christmas advert refuses to offer its customers a turkey variant.

At Christmas, turkey consumption skyrockets. And no wonder, it is the star dish in Anglo-Saxon countries and, although PETA encourages us to stop eating turkey, citizens find it difficult to change their traditions.

One of the busiest brands during the Christmas holidays is KFC. The American restaurant chain is a classic on Christmas menus in countries like Japan or South Africa. That is why their customers demand some variant made with turkey.

The KFC Christmas advert has been made by the Mother agency and produced by MindsEye. In it, the brand echoes the requests it receives from its consumers to make a sandwich variant made with turkey.

Everything suggests that the brand will satisfy its fans and the visual code gives clues to this. A chef cooking a new hamburger, following the scrupulous method of making his products. Little by little we are seeing how a new type of sandwich is taking shape.

KFC’s Christmas advert ends with a message: “We saw you. We heard you. And we ignored you. We’re sticking witch chicken”. Later he presents us with the new alternative, the Stuffing Stacker with two fried chicken fillets per flag.

And the brand makes it clear that its specialty is chicken and that it has been that way for more than 70 years. According to Kate Wall, strategy & innovation director of KFC in the United Kingdom: “Customers are always right, except when it comes to switching from chicken to turkey. We thank them for their suggestions, but we remain loyal to the chicken we know and we love.”

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