The suggestive Kondomeriet commercial, an erotic products store

The Kondomeriet commercial is a suggestive succession of foodporn images.

The most important sex shop in Norway turns 30. 30 years of worship of pleasure, disobedience and innovations in the art of sex enjoyed by Norwegians. And they wanted to celebrate the anniversary in a very special way.

The Kondomeriet commercial is an ode to #FoodPorn, the popular Instagram hashtag when we refer to a meal that, as good as it is, is pornographic.

The result, a video starring different foods full of references, suggestions and double games to the world of sex. And not only banana references, but a whole collection of pastry products, fruits, bread doughs and donuts. “30 years of naughtiness” is an audiovisual festival that enters through the eyes. Not in vain they have been offering since 1989 all kinds of erotic products.

Via | Mis Gafas de Pasta



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