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Lay’s commercial draws Messi’s face with goats

The brand has used 808 goats to form the face of the Argentine star

Cara de Messi con cabras - Anuncio de Lay's

The Lay’s commercial wanted to celebrate Messi’s arrival in the MSL with this original advertising action.

Although Messi does not radiate charisma like Maradona or Michael Jordan could, his actions on the pitch are what have defined him since he made his professional debut with FC Barcelona. And play after play, goal after goal, he has become the best player of all time.

Now, in his twilight as a professional player, he has decided to spend his last years at Inter Miami. This team, owned by David Beckham, has been chosen by Leo Messi to land in the MLS and therefore in the powerful US market. The brands have not missed such an opportunity to enhance their brand image linked to the Argentine star.

“808 goats for the G.O.A.T.” is the title of Lay’s commercial for Messi. The brand uses the pun that serves to define Messi: “GOAT” stands for “Greatest Of All Time” and its similarity to “Goat”, the animal.

The campaign has been carried out on the occasion of the debut of Leo Messi in his first match in the MSL against Cruz Azul. The Argentinian star came on with 5 minutes remaining in the match and scored the winning goal with a free-kick. This was the goal number 808 in his entire sports career.

Lay’s commercial took advantage of the anniversary to welcome Leo to the United States. For this, he gathered 808 goats to form his face in an action that has gone viral throughout the world.

According to Leo Messi, in a statement after the first game: “We are very happy to have chosen this place with my family. I hope that everything continues in this way and they continue to accompany us all year round. For us it is very important. I want to thank all the people who came or is watching my debut from home. A big hug to each and every one.”


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