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Funny Lego advert encourages breaking the rules: “Brick the Rules”

The campaign has been carried out by Gray Singapore

Anuncio de Lego | Brick the Rules

The Lego advert is a fun story about breaking the rules titled “Brick the Rules.”

Lego’s ability to adapt to new times and trends is admirable. In an increasingly digital world, the brand has known how to find its space to offer children and adults an escape route but continue playing.

A capacity that we have seen in depth in our special Lego marketing and advertising strategy, and how the brand has been able to expand in multiple sectors. Today they present their new brand concept to encourage the little ones to “break the rules” and play Lego.

“Brick the Rules” is the title of the Lego advert created by the agencies Gray Dubai and Gray Singapore in collaboration with the creative department of the Danish brand.

In it we see how a father is absent for 5 minutes and warns the little ones not to play in the room. Obviously, children ignore and start playing Lego and letting their imagination run wild. The moments when they build and have fun are capable of transporting them to another world full of color and fun. The Lego ad ends with the slogan “5 minutes is enough to break the rules.”

The campaign serves to announce the brand’s new vehicles: LEGO City, LEGO Speed Champions, LEGO TECHNIC, LEGO Creator, LEGO Friends and LEGO DUPLO. It demonstrates Lego’s ability to help children express themselves freely and develop their creativity.

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