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Lego’s commercial is an ode to female creativity

Anuncio de Lego | Get the World Ready for Girls

“Let’s get the world ready for girls” is the concept of the Lego ad to celebrate female creativity.

The creative concept of “Rebuild the World” that Lego started a few years ago continues to bear fruit. On the occasion of International Girl’s Day, Lego decided to celebrate female creativity by asking parents and children to defend inclusive play.

And it is that according to a study that Lego commissioned the Geena Davis Institute concluded that girls are still repressed by gender stereotypes. In some cases, deeply ingrained in different cultures.

The Lego commercial is titled “Let’s get the world ready for girls” and wants to promote inclusive play as a fundamental piece in the development of the youngest.

In the ad we see different, entrepreneurial and inspiring girls who are rebuilding the world. Among them we see Fatima, the youngest inventor in the United Arab Emirates and Saika, her sister who wants to be the first woman to reach the moon.

The Geena Davis Institute report also finds that parents are six times more likely to think of male scientists and athletes (85%) than women (15%). 71% of children say they are worried about feeling intimidated when playing with toys associated with the other sex. And only 24% of girls have been encouraged by their parents to play with Lego, compared to 76% of boys.



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