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A funny Lenovo’s commercials for the education sector

Lenovo’s commercials for the education sector will throw away all the excuses you have for not doing homework.

Lenovo, the Chinese multinational manufacturer of computers, tablets and smartphones has launched to the conquest of the education sector. With its new campaign #NoMoreExcuses wants to break into the products for students.

To do this, he has devised a series of ads recalling those moments in which students have made excuses not to hand in their homework.

Lenovo’s commercials opt for a less technical and more fun approach. #NoMoreExcuses goes out of the habitual pattern of the technological ones to try to surprise the final consumer. The campaign consists of four ads: “Pencil”, “Task”, “Blackboard” and “Keyboard”. Each one represents those excuses that we have all put at some time during our student lives.

With the new Lenovo 300E we can no longer say that the dog has eaten our homework, nor that we have spilled a glass of water on the papers. We will not have excuses for not doing our homework.

The ads have been created by the Findasense agency and directed by Daniel Baller and produced by Ponlong.

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