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Lidl’s Christmas advert starring a cute raccoon

The brand launches the toy donation campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Lidl | A magical christmas with Lidl

Lidl’s Christmas advert shows us the adventures of a raccoon who wants to return a teddy bear to its owner.

The supermarket chain LIDL has launched its advertising campaign for Christmas. This story, overflowing with Christmas spirit, has as its protagonist a tender raccoon who will try to return a teddy bear to its owner.

An advertising campaign that kicks off the call to donate toys in LIDL supermarkets. Last year more than 80,000 toys were donated at the Christmas parties.

“A Magical Christmas with Lidl’s” is the title of Lidl’s Christmas advert. The brand wants to remind us of the impact that small acts of kindness have during the holidays.

The piece has as its protagonist a friendly raccoon. He wants to recover a monkey that a little boy had lost in the street while he was going to a Lidl store. Our furry protagonist will avoid numerous dangers, traffic signs and will even travel by subway to get to the child’s house. Once inside, he will leave the monkey under the Christmas tree.

The supermarket chain will sell replicas of the monkey and the raccoon and all profits will go to Neighborly. According to Peter de Roos, commercial director of Lidl: “At Christmas, there is nothing more magical than seeing the joy that a gift can bring to a child, and we want to help ensure that this joy reaches all families. Our hope is that at To bring back toy donation points, let’s make it easier for customers to donate directly to local good causes, giving them a small way to make a real difference and help those who need it most.”

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