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WWF has started the longest streaming in the world: Stop Plastic Pollution

The longest streaming in the world shows us the time it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose.

The fight for climate change affects us all, and NGOs must increasingly squeeze their brains to get our attention. The National Geographic campaigns are a clear example that surprise and impact us.

Now, WWF wants to make us aware of the actions of the human being and how they influence our ecosystem. The plastic in nature is becoming an almost unsolvable problem. For this, WWF has launched a petition to the global leaders under the name of: “Stop Plastic Pollution”.

New technologies allow us to make retransmissions via streaming on networks. This has been the channel chosen by the NGO to show us the decomposition process of a plastic bottle. And it is that these objects take 450 years to decompose; exactly what this streaming will last.

“Stop Plastic Pollution” is the work of the Portuguese agency NOSSA and the retransmission began on March 30, during the celebration of the time of the planet. More than 400,000 people have already signed the petition and it continues to grow.

So far, it has played more than 6,000 minutes, more than 309 hours, direct. There are still more than 449 years and 354 days until the end of live streaming.


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