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Manor’s Christmas commercial is a fun gift-giving competition

The Parisian agency BETC has been in charge of the Christmas campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Manor | Cosmic Christmas

Manor’s hilarious Christmas commercial is a competition to see who can give the best gift this holiday season.

The Christmas commercial for this end of the year are offering us two visions of Christmas. One, led by Suchard’s Christmas commercial and the Coca-Cola ad that wants to remember loved ones. Another like the John Lewis ad that wants to educate consumers.

Today is the turn of a different and fresher proposal: Manor’s Christmas commercial. The Swiss department store chain has held a fun competition between a couple to see who makes the best gift this Christmas.

“Cosmic Christmas” is the title of the Manor’s Christmas commercial. It has been created by the BETC Paris agency, produced by Henry and directed by Bart Timmer. The piece places us at Christmas when the time for the exchange of gifts has arrived. She gives him a stuffed cat and he gives her a real cat. This triggers a succession of Christmases to see who makes the best gift between the two.

Year after year the competition gets out of hand to make the most impressive gift. Ice statues, gold stones, the Mona Lisa or interplanetary stars. It all ends when she gives him something from Manor supermarkets.

According to Alexandre Henry, Creative Director at BETC: “Christmas is the right time to speak strongly about the brand. The spot is humorous, slightly surreal and has a great human touch thanks to the actors and the talent of the director, Bart Timmer. The film is elevated by the crescendo of unexpected gifts and the rhythm of the song”

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