A funny marketing campaign of JetBlue to promote Jamaica

Original and funny marteking campaign of JetBlue at ‘Jamaica’, the Queens subway stop in New York.

To promote the new JetBlue route to Jamaica, the American airline made an original marketing action on the New York subway on a cold winter’s day. And is that winter temperatures rarely exceed 0 degrees in New York when in Montego Bay (Jamaica) do not fall below 30.

That is why, together with the Jamaican Tourism Board, they build up a set pretending to be an area of Jamaica in the subway interchange that bears the same name as the country. Titled ‘Change at Jamaica‘ the marketing campaign of JetBlue was intended for those passengers making a train change at ‘Jamaica’ station in Queens, New York.

Acción de Publicidad de JetBlue

Two Jamaicans lying on beach chairs, with sand, palm trees and a pleasant feeling of well-being was the counterpoint to the stressed travelers who had to arrive at their destinations using the public transport exchanger.

The fun performance of the set Jamaicans interacting with travelers and selling a piece of paradise in hell is the best of JetBlue’s action. A whole string of Jamaican topics that surprised those more daring passengers who interacted with the hosts and did not believe if it was true or were really kidding.

Acción de Publicidad de JetBlue

After a few moments of fun and relaxation between the hosts and the passengers, the whole surprise was discovered. A change of train ticket for a direct plane to Montego Bay, Jamaica. A surprise for those subway users who dared to interact in the funny marketing campaign of JetBlue to end up traveling to Jamaica instead of the destination they had planned.



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  1. This really brought a smile to my day, especially when they won the tickets. Very heartwarming. Love when our patois is highlighted: “whagwaan?” “Everyting criss and curry?” Love it!

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