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McDonald’s advert made with ChatGPT and Burger King’s response

The agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign in Brazil

Anuncio de McDonald's creado con ChatGPT

McDonald’s advert made with ChatGPT brings artificial intelligence to classic Burger King competition.

In the world of advertising, historically there have been two brands that have competed with each other for market share. Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Adidas and Puma, Apple and Samsung and of course, McDonald’s and Burger King.

The competition between these two great titans, champions of American “fast food” is historic. There are countless references made to each other in their advertising campaigns. Now the war continues thanks to the irruption of artificial intelligence.

McDonald’s advert made with ChatGPT has stoked its rival, Burger King to fight back. And it is that one of the great uses of artificial intelligence is to solve doubts thanks to its capacity for analysis; examining the contents and documents on the internet.

One of the questions was clear, and it was asked by McDonald’s: “What is the best hamburger?” The answer was placed on billboards and opis as the result gave a winner: The Big Mac.

For its part, Burger King countered with another question: “What is the biggest hamburger?” to which ChatGPT replied: Burger King’s Whopper. So the brand did not hesitate to also promote this AI response.

And one thing has become clear, that neither McDonald’s advert made with ChatGPT nor Burger King’s response have served to end the debate. If you want to continue debating it, we recommend doing it at a local burger joint in your neighborhood.

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