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“M”, a McDonald’s advertising campaign in airports

Publicidad de McDonald's en aeropuertos

“M” is a minimalist McDonald’s advertising campaign in airports

When it’s time to travel, the previous moments we spent in an airport are of excitement and joy. And it is for us less, visiting a new country, living a new culture or knowing new landscapes is something that will be engraved forever in our brains. The quote “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” makes more sense than ever.

Being all new, our brain is more than ever exposed to all kinds of inputs. That’s why brands and advertising spaces in airports fight to capture the traveler’s attention. Thousands of people come and go every day, so the impact achieved is greater than any other advertising campaign.

That’s why we liked the latest McDonald’s advertising campaign, titled “M”. Sometimes you do not have to be very creative to show the benefits of your brand, in this case, the presence in almost the majority of cities in the world of the restaurant chain.

Under the motto “It’s not the same without the M”, the graph shows the names of several cities without the M. Ro_e, _adrid, Jerusale_ o _elbourne are some of the examples of how to say that these cities, without McDonald’s are not the same. One more turn of the screw to the advertising campaigns of the American brand, an essential part of its marketing strategy.

Publicidad de McDonald's - Rome Publicidad de McDonald's - Madrid Publicidad de McDonald's - Jerusalem Publicidad de McDonald's - Melbourne Publicidad de McDonald's - Amsterdam Publicidad de McDonald's - Moscú Publicidad de McDonald's - Miami

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