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McDonald’s makes the jump to anime with the creation of an animated series

The Pierro studio and the Japanese illustrator Acky Bright are in charge of the series

McDonald's Anime | WcDonald's

McDonald’s is preparing an animated series to connect with anime fans with “WcDonald’s.”

Asian culture is experiencing another international growth, like the one it experienced in the 90s. This time, globalization allows interest in anime and manga to penetrate new generations in a different way.

This leads brands to embrace this culture in order to connect with new generations. This is the case of McDonald’s and its latest campaign; a series of animated shorts co-created with some of the most respected Japanese studios.

“WcDonald’s” is the title of the McDonald’s initiative, which refers to the brand name in the manga and anime universe. To do this, it has created a new sauce, a new packaging and an animated series.

This series has been created by the prestigious Pierro studio and the Japanese illustrator Acky Bright. For this they have created characters designed especially for the occasion. Acky Bright said in a statement: “I had a great time partnering with McDonald’s to help make WcDonald’s a reality for manga fans who have a genuine love for the brand. From the details of the various characters to the plot of the manga itself, I loved being able to use my art to bring the dynamic and vibrant world of WcDonald’s to life for people around the world.”

For its part, the manga series and the anime have been created jointly with the Pierrot animation studio. Four short films that will reveal the WcDonald’s universe and will focus on each of the brand’s products.

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