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McDonald’s Christmas advert is one of the best these holidays

Anuncio de Navidad de McDonald's | Imaginary Iggy

The McDonald’s Christmas advert is a fable of the imaginary friend and growing up.

Undoubtedly the Christmas adverts in the Anglo-Saxon countries are something different. If brands bet everything for everything, it is in their Christmas campaigns launched in northern Europe. This is the case of the McDonald’s Christmas ad released in the UK, which ranks as one of the best holiday ads this year.

“Imaginary Iggy” is the title of McDonald’s advert for this year. It was made by the Leo Burnett agency, produced by Object & Animal and directed by Bert & Bertie. In it we are introduced to Iggy, the imaginary monster of a girl at Christmas.

Matilda and Iggy are the protagonists of the story, in which they have fun and share different moments during the holidays. But as Matilda grows older, Christmas is less magical for her and therefore she gradually loses Iggy.

The invisible friend ends up in a closet while Matilda goes out to celebrate Christmas with her friends. In a McDonald’s restaurant, presence as a child feels the typical illusion of these holidays. This awakens in Matilda the memory of Iggy, who returns to look for him.

According to Chaka Sobhani, Leo Burnett’s Global Creative Director: “There is a beautiful change in the tone of the music when Matilda opens her closet when she is older and lets Iggy out. Our hope is that the campaign will be attractive to as many people as possible, from parents to children and from young to old. And above all, we hope that in one way or another the campaign has captured the spirit of Christmas. If we have succeeded, I will be incredibly proud”.

McDonald’s Christmas advert is included in the communication platform Reindeer Ready (Prepared for the Reindeers) that the brand launched five years ago to give relevance to Christmas in its restaurants.

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