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McDonald’s alphabet with its logo and packaging

Alfabeto de McDonald's | Say With M

“Say With M”, McDonald’s creates an alphabet from its logo and its packaging.

The use of brand packaging to create letters and words is one of the most used practices in advertising. There are quite a few examples, the most recent for example, the Ikea typography made with sofas, the Alphabet of Summer by Hawaianas or the recent Coca-Cola campaign creating labels with letters on its packaging.

But by used does not mean that it does not surprise. This is the case of the McDonald’s alphabet made only with its logo and forming words by putting its packaging together. A way to help consumers connect with the brand in a simple and fun way.

McDonald’s alphabet is included in the “Say it with M” campaign carried out by DDB Colombia. The McDonald’s logo is one of the 10 most recognized logos in the world, and they wanted to celebrate this recognition by associating their famous arches with words of the alphabet.

According to John Raul Forero, president and creative director of DDB Colombia: “Inspired by the everyday moments of life and its spontaneous imperfections, we searched for the perfect angle that would reflect some good moments in one word through careful photographic art direction.”

Ale Burset has been in charge of carrying out the photo shoot, associating special moments with family and friends with McDonald’s food. In them we see how words are formed thanks to the McDonald’s packaging logo. Although, yes, some of these words have a little “complicated” readability.

The “Say it with M” campaign will be promoted through billboards, bus shelters and carts in the chain’s own restaurants in different Latin American cities.

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