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The inclusive Mercedes-Benz campaign: “Inclusion is unstoppable”

The agencies Antoni and Team X have been in charge of the advertising campaign

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The Mercedes Benz campaign focuses on inclusivity in its new models.

Increasingly, brands are more aware of the feelings of society and the problems that affect it. A trend that could well be a facade to wash the brand image and avoid coining terms like greenwashing. But more and more societies are adapting their products to make them more inclusive.

This is the case of the Mercedes-Benz campaign that focuses on people with disabilities by adding a multitude of options to their vehicles to adapt to the demands of this group.

“Inclusion is unstoppable” is the title of the Mercedes-Benz campaign created by the Antoni and Team X agencies. It shows the accessibility options that the brand has placed in new models, always following the Mercedes quality standard.

The campaign shows those people who value the new features. The director Debora Brune and the photographer Raul Suciu were present for the session. In addition, an alliance was forged with Sozialhelden, the association founded by the inclusion activist Raúl Krauthausen.

According to Juliane Krause-Akelbein, Head of Strategy at Antoni: “We wanted all those directly concerned by disability to be involved in the campaign because in this context it is vital to talk with the people affected, not about them. These issues require a lot of empathy and sensitivity “And we could all do better. More than 15% of European citizens live with some type of disability. As advertisers, we have to react to this reality and portray the world as colorful and as diverse as it really is.”

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