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Michelin’s Brake Beat, a new musical style to saves lives

Michelin’s Brake Beat it’s an initiative that proposes a new musical style to saves lives

Brake Beat is an original initiative of Michelin. Through a new musical style, it aims to avoid many accidents on the road. A new action included in “Trendy Drivers” project with which the French brand seeks to raise awareness among drivers.

The three-second rule is a technique to control the safety distance with the vehicle in front of us. Try to observe a reference point on the road like a tree or a road sign.When the front car passes by, you must count to three. If you go through the same reference object before that time, it means that you go too fast and you must reduce the speed.

Brake Beat de Michelin

On this rule, Michelin has created the Brake Breat, a musical style that will help us count this three-second repetition. They have created a playlist on Spotify and searched for songs that repeat the same rhythm in those 3 seconds. Thus we will find topics of several groups like Chemical Brothers, Queen, U2 or AC / DC.

In this way, instead of telling yourself the 3 seconds, you just have to wait for the rhythm to repeat to control the distance with the car in front of you.

Michelin's Brake Beat

Via | La Criatura Creativa


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