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A Michelob ULTRA commercial: “Only worth it, if you can enjoy it.”

Michelob ULTRA commercial is the starting signal for the SuperBowl Commercials.

At the beginning of February the SuperBowl is held, the show by reference in the world of sports. An event that gathers millions of spectators in front of the television and that brands do not miss. Many release the ads during the already popular break of the SuperBowl and many take the opportunity to launch the previous week.

This is the case of the Michelob ULTRA beer, which, with a simple announcement and claim, warns us that we should love what we do to make it worthwhile.

“Only worth it, if you can enjoy it.” it places us in the near future where robots have taken center stage in the sports sector: running, playing golf or as spinning teachers. They are effective, efficient, relentless. But empty inside.

And that is because the true soul of sport is to love what you are doing. Only then you can enjoy each step taken, each ball hit and each pedal in the gym. And above all comment the play with your friends taking a beer.

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