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Microsoft’s Christmas advert turns memories into works of art

The McCann agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Microsoft | Make your a holiday masterpiece

Microsoft’s Christmas advert uses artificial intelligence to create Christmas memories into pieces of art.

Artificial intelligence has quickly become an important focus for the creative industry. The possibilities that image generation offers us and the impact it is having on the sector open new creative avenues for everyone.

This is what Microsoft wants to show us in its Christmas advert, a piece that shows all the power of artificial intelligence and, when applied to creativity, it can offer wonderful results. This time, artist Ellie Pritts will transform people’s memories into stunning works of art.

“Make your holiday a masterpiece” is the title of Microsoft’s Christmas advert created by the McCann agency. It aims to demonstrate to the world the power of artificial intelligence applied to creativity.

To do this, he has placed transmedia artist Ellie Pritts in New York and given her a small table and a computer. Different passersby from different countries share their Christmas traditions, the memories they have and their feelings about Christmas.

The artist, using artificial intelligence tools such as Microsoft’s Image Creator, transforms these memories into impressive works of art. From a new year in Japan to the tradition of the seven fishes in Italy.

According to Kathleen Hall, Chief Brand Officer at Microsoft: “This year we want to celebrate the unique holiday traditions experienced by people around the world. With the magic of AI and Microsoft designers, anyone can become an artist, bringing memories to life. and creating beautiful masterpieces.”

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