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#MiniChallenge: How to represent happiness driving a Mini


#MiniChallenge is an action developed by Mini in Colombia where the protagonists had to pass three tests behind the wheel.

Mini’s advertising campaigns are usually actions that resemble its brand image. They are fresh, fun and original campaigns, such as “ShortCut Billboards” that helped you cut through the road; or “Urban Poem” in which they dedicated a poem to love for the city.

Now they have carried out a test on a circuit with 20 people, in which they were challenged to carry out three tests and hide their emotions. The award? Have a free Mini for a year.

#MiniChallenge is the title of the Marketing action carried out in Colombia. It was the idea of the MullenLoweSSP3 Bogotá agency. The idea was clear, to try to represent the emotion and happiness felt when driving a Mini.

To do this, they launched a campaign on social networks to attract consumers. Of the 3,500 registered, only 20 were chosen, who would have to carry out three tests driving a Mini on a closed circuit. The challenge, not to express any kind of emotion behind the wheel.

They installed facial detection cameras inside cars to monitor their gestures. After carrying out the three tests and pushing the participants to the limit, no one was able to hide their gestures of joy, satisfaction, adrenaline, amazement and happiness. A good way to represent the sensations behind the wheel of a Mini.

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