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The “Mother” commercial for Mother’s Day that claims reconciliation

The platform "Heroes of today" and the agency DDB have launched the campaign

Anuncio de Mother | Heroes de Hoy

The “Mother” commercial for Mother’s Day is made by “Heroes de Hoy” platform made up of LaLiga, Iberia, Repsol, Orange and DAZN.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, an especially prolific day for creatives, who can show off new and surprising creative ideas. We all remember the famous Doritos commercial “There is no only one Mother” or the Phillips campaign “Mother Energy”.

Now the “Heroes de Hoy” platform made up of LaLiga, Iberia, Repsol, Orange and DAZN intends to claim the need for work-life balance. For this they have launched this advertising campaign to raise awareness about the barriers that still exist and the incompatibility of maternity and elite sport.

“Mother” is the title of the commercial created by “Heroes de Hoy”, made by the DDB agency and produced by Landia and Birth. It intends to demonstrate with a positive message that it is possible to combine elite sport and motherhood. And it is that many professional athletes suffer discrimination and the bankruptcy of their professional aspirations when they become pregnant.

The “Mother” commercial is a three-minute piece that tells us about the rejection an athlete suffers when she announces that she is pregnant. The images narrate the difficult situations that she finds herself and the anguish that it causes her. In the end the protagonist returns successfully despite all her difficulties.

According to the platform “Heroes de Hoy”, one in three pregnant athletes suffers from discrimination and abandonment. Also, four out of ten women claim to have experienced some type of discrimination in the workplace when they became mothers: 22% lost their job, 11% left their job because they could not reconcile it with caring for their child.

According to Alejandro Lavezzolo, Director of Customer Services at DDB: “”Mother” addresses the combination of maternity and elite sport, to denounce behaviors that are still widespread in our society and that condition the future of many women.”

Daniel Rodriguez, Executive Creative Director of DDB has commented: “The reality is that there are still women who decide to postpone or abandon their desire to be mothers in order not to lose opportunities in professional sports, since many times they face cuts in their sponsorships, termination of their contracts or abandonment by their coaches”.

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