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The motivating LeBron James commercial with Rimowa

The motivating commercial of LeBron James to present the new line of suitcases Rimowa.

Rimowa is a German brand that is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality suitcases and accessories. It was founded in 1898 in Cologne, Germany. The brand has always moved in the luxury sector thanks to the high quality of its products. And he has always felt comfortable making collaborations with other German brands, such as Lufthansa and Porsche.

Now he turns 120 and celebrates with his advertising campaign “Never Still”. In 2018 he presented numerous short films with several athletes and designers. Roger Federer, Virgil Abloh and chef Nobu Matsuhisa. They were some of the celebrities and this year it’s the turn of LeBron James.

Nothing to say about LeBron James. A legend of basketball, winner of three rings of the NBA and named four times MVP of the league. But still, at the edge of his decline as a player, as well remember all his rivals.

The motivating LeBron James commercial is a monologue about life, the path we walk and the experiences we gain as we move forward. On the collaboration of Lebron, the CEO of Rimowa Alexandre Arnault commented: “Our number one priority is to select those who are genuine users and advocates for the product.” LeBron has long been a Rimowa fan since he stumbled into our store in Toronto a few years ago, and since then we have forged an organic relationship with him. “

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