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A cover of Nessun Dorma made with orgasms to promote Turandot

Folkoperan, the Swedish opera house has launched this provocative spot to promote Turandot.

We rarely see creative advertising campaigns to promote classical music or opera concerts. And although classical music and opera still have a large number of fans among the people of central Europe (like Salzburg, Vienna, …) young people still do not feel attracted to this type of music.

That’s why we loved this Folkoperan advertising campaign to promote Turandot. And is that the house of Swedish opera wanted to announce his work in a provocative and controversial way … versioning Nessun Dorma with orgasms.

Nessun Dorma Orgasms

And is that the orgasmic version of Nessun Dorma has been composed by sounds of a lot of people. Each one more different to get a perfect harmony with the song.

The advertising campaign of Folkoperan seeks to re-launch the opera Turandot by Puccini. This speaks about the passion of two lovers who desire leads them not to repress their passions.

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