The new Pepsi logo on the occasion of its 125th anniversary

The new corporate image has been a 3-year job developed internally in the company

The new Pepsi logo recovers the essence of the brand from the 80s.

Pepsi celebrates 125 years. Little did pharmaceutical chemist Caleb Davis Bradham think when he sold his drink in New Bern, North Carolina, which 125 years later would be one of the world’s largest multinationals. And that his greatest rival for dominating the planet would have him only 800 km away when John Stith Pemberton was selling his Coca-Cola.

To commemorate the anniversary, Pepsi has renewed its corporate image. It is the first logo change in fifteen years and wants to be a reflection of its connection to pop culture and new digital aspirations.

Pepsi’s new logo

The new Pepsi logo for its 125th anniversary is a reinterpretation of the logo used in the 1970s and 1980s. After carrying the brand name and isotype separately, the words PEPSI return to the center of the geometric figure. The corporate image of the American multinational has a new personalized font, as well as an updated color palette. Blue is more electric and aims to convey vitality. And black gains presence to give prominence to the company’s sugar-free variants.

The new Pepsi logo is presented with a dynamic creative full of wavy effects. These give the logo movement to the sound of music with an urban style. With it we see the application of the new logo on billboards, posts, social networks, trucks or boxes.

Throughout its history, Pepsi has changed its logo twelve times since 1898 and it is the first change since 2008. That year, Pepsi tilted its dial to evoke a smile and place the brand name in lowercase. The renovation of the corporate image has been carried out by Pepsi’s internal team in a job that has lasted three years.

According to Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer: “The new look should convey more of a sense of guilt-free enjoyment while paying homage to the brand’s history and legacy. The identity has also been designed for the digital age and to be flexible. for its adaptation to different spaces and supports, from television to the Web. That is why there is a greater component of animation and movement, so that Pepsi moves between physical and digital spaces”.

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