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Spend a night in the Louvre Museum with Airbnb

The Louvre and Airbnb launched a contest where the winner can spend a night in the museum.

The Louvre Museum celebrates the 30th anniversary of the construction of its iconic glass pyramid. To celebrate, he has made an original contest in collaboration with Airbnb. The winner can spend a night in the famous museum.

It has been 30 years since architect Ieoh Ming Pei designed the Louvre’s glass pyramid. A work that has become an icon for France, standing at the height of the Eiffel Tower or the cathedral of Notre Dame.

The Louvre and Airbnb have launched a peculiar contest in which the winner can spend a night (with a guest) in a room created for the occasion within the glass structure of the museum. In addition, the winner can tour the museum with a VIP guide. The tour includes a snack in front of the Mona Lisa. Also enjoy a meal in front of the Venus de Milo and an acoustic concert in Napoleon’s apartments.

Web | Concurso del Louvre y Airbnb


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