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The Nike Commercial supporting Caster Semenya

The latest Nike commercial, starring Caster Semenya, shows us the culture of effort and overcoming in sports.

Nike wants the year of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the slogan Just Do It to be big. They started a series of controversial marketing campaigns supporting Colin Kaepernick. Then comes the ads “Dream Crazier” starring female athletes and “Shared Dream” where they explained a beautiful story of friendship.

Now they bring us their last campaign, in support of the athlete Caster Semenya. Caster has been “forced” by the athletics federation (IAAF) to take some pills to lower their testosterone level because it distorted the competition.

This has caused a debate over whether Caster Semenya should compete against women or not. Until the possibility of competing against men had been considered. The athlete has denied all the rumors with a resounding “What the hell, I will not medicate.”

The ad follows the trend of the latest Nike ads with an idea as basic as effective: The images, in an inverted sense. In them we see the athlete running backwards, removing a medal or collecting sweat drops.

Throughout Nike commercial we see how Semenya herself challenges her rivals: “It would be easier for you if it were not so fast”, “It would be easier if i stopped winning.” The commercial concludes with a devastating phrase: “What I’m sorry because I was born for this.”

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