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Nike commercial “Footballverse” is one of the adverts of the year

Ronaldinho, Davids, or Ronaldo are some of the protagonists recreated with deep fake.

Anuncio de Nike FootballVerse

Nike’s commercial for the World Cup in Qatar introduces us to great now-retired stars recreated with DeepFake.

If there is a Football World Cup, there is a revolutionary Nike campaign. We remember him with that fantastic “Airport” commercial for the 1998 World Cup in France, which revolutionized sports marketing.

Now, for the World Cup in Qatar, the American multinational delights us with a revolutionary campaign that brings back the great stars of the moment in their best version. Are you ready for a battle between Ronaldinho, Mbappé, Ronaldo Nazario, Davids or Cristiano Ronaldo? Nike presents its “Footballverse” where anything can happen. Welcome to one of the campaigns of the year.

“Footballverse” is the title of the Nike commercial for the World Cup in Qatar. It has been made by Wieden+Kennedy and represents Nike’s vision of the metaverse applied to football.

The idea is based on a very crazy premise. What if we could bring together the greatest stars of all time in one game? The idea is really very similar to that mythical Adidas commercial: Jose+10 in which big stars like Franz Beckenbauer, Zidane and Platini got together in a neighborhood game.

This is what scientists have been able to decipher in a secret laboratory in Switzerland. By cracking the code they intend to end the discussion of who is the best player of all time. Step by step, scientists are bringing great players to the field of play. So we see the active versions of Ronaldinho against Mbappé to later join Ronaldo Nazario. Then, the scientists are encouraged to place figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé, Van Dijk, De Bryune, Alex Morgan and Edgar Davids among others in the field.

The Nike commercial has recreated the “prime” versions of these players through DeepFake. Nike’s “Footballverse” experience in digital media will feature various actions such as visiting NikeLand on Roblox, special purchases or playing in Rocket League.

Anuncio de Nike FootballVerse

Anuncio de Nike FootballVerse

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