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The sublime Nike motivational commercial is an ode to the air

The sublime Nike motivational commercial is an ode to the air, in honor of its shoes.

We love it when Nike launches a new advertising campaign. The brand is certainly raising its level of creativity in its latest commercials. Maybe we should review our report on the best Nike commercials to put this later.

The last Nike motivational commercial titled “Air”, is a brilliant exercise of realization, edition and sound. With the philosophy “less is more” they delight us with a tribute to the athletes and those moments when they are about to start a major challenge.

Anuncio de Nike - Air

Nike has launched its new AirVaporMax shoes. And to announce them he made this advert mixing professional and amateur athletes in a common gesture between them. The last breath before starting, and the last one before reaching the goal.

One minute long, “Air” starts slowly, accompanying those protagonists before beginning the test and feeling their breathing. We follow them during the maximum effort and when we see them reach their initial goal.

Under the slogan “Air Moves You” Nike presents the new shoes AirVaporMax. On the advert we can see the professional athletes we see Deajah Stevens, the NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo, or the surfer John “John” Florence among others.

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