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Nike’s Shared Dream tells a beautiful story of friendship

Nike follows his “Dream Crazy” with “Shared Dream” where tells a beautiful story of friendship.

In the 30th anniversary of the slogan Just Do It, Nike wanted to launch a series of campaigns based on “Dream Crazy”. For this he has expanded his slogan with “It’s only crazy until you do it” to get a new creative strategy. Embedded in this strategy has revolutionized the policy with “Dream Crazy”, and vindicate feminism in sport with “Dream Crazier”.

Now they tell us the story of two friends who dreamed of playing in the same team in the NFL. Nike’s Shared Dream tells the story of Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. on their way to the American League. Both grew up in Louisana, were rivals in the children’s tournaments and shared equipment in the university with the LSU Tigers.

In 2014 they were chosen at the same time in the same Draft and stormed the NFL. His plays and spectacular receptions that left amazed fans. Fate wanted both to sign for the Cleveland Browns to receive the great passes of Baker Mayfield. A surprising story that marries perfectly with Nike’s new vision of telling extraordinary stories linked to sports.


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