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Nike sponsors the NBA with this tv-ad: “Want it All”

Nike sponsors the NBA with an inspiring spot titled “Want It All”.

We have a time when the big brands in sportswear are settled. In Europe we have these brands wearing long sports clubs. More specifically, in Spain Madrid and Barcelona we associate them with Adidas and Nike. But the contracts are finished and the executives wait to have a big sign of a new contract. Famous is the example of Manchester United, who after some time with Nike signed with Adidas in exchange for 940 million euros for 10 years.

Even bigger is the american budget, and more specifically the NBA. Nike has just released sponsorship in the most important basketball league instead of Adidas, the previous sponsor.

Nike patrocina la NBA: "Want it all"

Nike sponsors the NBA is valued at $ 1 billion over 8 years, more than double what Adidas spent. Under the contract, Nike will be able to put their logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts and training equipment that players usually wear.

To celebrate, they made this inspiring spot titled “Want It All” where they show us the dream of a basketball fan working hard to get to the NBA. With an impeccable performance, the story is accompanied by the soundtrack “Shut ‘Em Down” by Public Enemy.

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